Monday, 30 April 2012


I thought I would write a post about Husband, the light of my life, the knees of my bees. Here are some lovely things about Husband:

- he brings me a cup of tea in bed every morning, without fail. 

- he enjoys regular updates on the tadpoles. For example: 'I think the taddies are getting their back legs.' then two days later, 'I was wrong about that. They're not, I checked', then later that day, 'Husband. I think the taddies are getting their back legs'  etc

- he does the best impression of a baby rhino you've ever seen in your life

- he does all the ironing in Bumbaleerie Mansions, because it makes my soul shrivel like a bit of cling film on a hot grill

- he doesn't get angry when I accidentally melt some cling film on the hot grill

- he makes the best toast in the world. No joke, no-one can make it like he does. He even got me to like marmalade because he's so good at it.

- he is very, very clever. He's an engineer so he knows ALL THE MATHS. Sometimes I test him thus: 'What's infinity?' and he says 'one divided by zero'.

And then there's a HUGE PAUSE.

And I quickly go 'thanks'.

And he goes 'right, let me explain it to you' and I go 'Nnooooooooo! I don't want to know! There's too much in my brain! Don't TELL MEEEEEE!' and in the background he's quietly going 'so if you have one cake and no people then......' and I avoid listening. And so far it has worked because I still don't understand it.

- he knows when to use 'fewer' and when to use 'less'.

- he is MAGNIFICENT in stature:

 (TRUE STORY: When I took this picture I said to him: 'Look like it's nice to be married to me'. And this is the best he could do. Also, that is my hoodie.)

Here are some less good things about Husband:

- he likes it TIDY so a regular conversation in our crib is: 'Wife, could you please move this knitting off the couch so I can sit down?' or 'Do you really need to keep all these stamps?' or 'Why are you keeping all these jars?' and I'm all 'I can't move it, I'm BUSY!' or 'I need those stamps for an art installation I am planning for 2014' or 'I enjoy the shape of those jars' (I really do, it's the Whole Earth peanut butter jars and I've got MA-ZILLIONS of them)

- he wears my hoodie

- he falls asleep really quickly. Honestly, a minute ago I asked him how to spell 'rhino' and now he's asleep. Rubbish.

We have been married for just over two years, and 2012 is out TENTH, yes TENTH anniversary of being a couple. And never a cross word hahahahahaahahaa!

My Gran's Quilt

Right, my Gran's birthday was in March, and I kindly made her a quilt. No, I STARTED making her a quilt. Then everything went wrong. That's not an exaggeration - everything in the WHOLE WORLD went wrong with it. I am still not finished it, althout I think I'm over the worst of it now. It has so far cost me money for fabric, money for extra fabric, five - that's right, FUNF - needles, I had to hand stitch it bits of it, I had to stitch the wadding together, it is rumpled and dodgy. BUT! It is nearly finished:

And she's worth it. I hope she still feels friendly towards me after a two-month wait for her birthday preseent.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

It has been aaaages.

Hello! It's been ages! But I've been busy. I've been to New York! Epic, but not for this blog. I've made pizza!
I've made some weird things for inside flowers!
I've made a quilt for my gran!
Actually, that's a lie. I tried to make it in a hurry, totally messed it up then had to order more fabric to fix it, which I have not done yet. Also, I ran out of thread. But! Never mind, because I also painted a table!
And that table is in.....wait for new sewing room! Which is nearly, nearly finished, I'll put a picture up when it is FINISHED, instead of finished. Or Finnish, or Flemish, or whatevs. I also saw a nice pig!
I also have nice slippers!
It has also been sunny in Scotland!
So, all in all, very much of the old excitement and good times.