Tuesday, 17 April 2012

It has been aaaages.

Hello! It's been ages! But I've been busy. I've been to New York! Epic, but not for this blog. I've made pizza!
I've made some weird things for inside flowers!
I've made a quilt for my gran!
Actually, that's a lie. I tried to make it in a hurry, totally messed it up then had to order more fabric to fix it, which I have not done yet. Also, I ran out of thread. But! Never mind, because I also painted a table!
And that table is in.....wait for it.....my new sewing room! Which is nearly, nearly finished, I'll put a picture up when it is FINISHED, instead of finished. Or Finnish, or Flemish, or whatevs. I also saw a nice pig!
I also have nice slippers!
It has also been sunny in Scotland!
So, all in all, very much of the old excitement and good times.

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