Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Some news

Hello chaps. It's been so long, and I'm so sad about this, I'm sure you've all left to read another blog because you know you'll not be getting anything from me. But please come back, because I've got a good excuse for being away for a hundred years. See if you can guess:

or maybe:
or even...
Oh yes Pals, the Bumbaleerie baby is due in September. And we are over the moon. Really, really, OVER THE MOON. I absolutely can't WAIT to see him/her (but probably a her) - and that's why I've been away for so long. Because the last few months has been 'Husband, d'you think I might be.....?' 'Husband, it says I'm definitely....' 'Husband, I can't really climb stairs because I'm.....' 'Husband, I think the baby needs that giraffe, I've got a really strong feeling' etc.

And it's BRILLIANT being pregnant! Sure, you can't do things like drink wine or eat brie or bend over too well. And maternity clothes you can wear to work are scarce on the ground. AND people look at you like 'hmmm, fat or pregnant?' but it's ACE - she (for the sake of argument) kicks ALL THE TIME and she's very, very strong and clever. She's probably going to be the cleverest baby in the whole world.

And I have celebrated in my usual fashion. I was going to knit a jumper, or a blanket, but instead I thought, no, KNIT ALL THE THINGS! So I have been:

And I've developed this almost SPOOKY connection to the baby. I know for a FACT that she loves jellycat toys. So I've bought a hundred million of them. Here's the latest:

Husband has put his foot down with a firm hand and said 'no more Jellycats' - well, that's the POLITE version of what he said. He also said that the baby would need things like a cot and a highchair, so Jellycat toys were not a necessity. Well, I'll be the judge of THAT. 

So that's our gossip! We've been for the 20 week scan now, and of course she's perfect - even the scanning lady said the baby had 'gorgeous feet' - and she's an EXPERT! The scans are less than fun because you have to hold in your peep for a million years to push the baby forward and it's total agony. AND Husband keeps making me laugh ON PURPOSE so I'll maybe peep myself. But it's totally worth it because you get to see the baby on scan, and I just KNOW she's going to be brilliant. And now we're on the countdown to September, bring it on!

Hmm, so in other news - I know I promised you a virtual tour around Bumbaleerie Mansions but it's in a bit of upheaval at the moment because we're moving rooms for the baby. So I think I'll wait until we've got the baby's room sorted before I do that. Also I've got about three pairs of breeks (Scottish word for knickers) lying about just now and like I said, I can't bend over to pick them up.Well, I probably COULD but you know...I can't be bothered. And I don't really want pictures of my breeks on the internet. Howzat for a catch-22?

In making news, I was working on a quilt for somebody's wedding present, which I finished and then forgot to take a picture of. But here it is NEARLY done:

All fabric from the wonderful Eternal Maker, go and have a wander. They post really fast too, so say someone had asked you to make a quilt for May in January, and gave you the money for it and everything, and then you forgot, and suddenly it was the beginning of May and it had to be finished for the 10th May, WELL! You wouldn't have to worry at all, because they would get it to you sharpish. 

I'm going to finish now with a story called 'How I Guessed I Was Preggers'.

So, I'd made Jamie Oliver's spring veg lasagne for dinner on the Monday night and decided to re-heat it for dinner on the Tuesday. So I did. But I accidentally burned it to the bottom of the pan and when I took a spoonful out, the bottom was all black and blistered and I COMPLETELY lost control of myself. I was crying and wailing, and yelling for Husband, who almost broke his neck running down the stairs to see what was happening. 'LOOK!' I sobbed, 'LOOK! It's all mank and it smells horrible and I HATE it! You have to take it outside right now, get rid of it!' By this point, my flesh was crawling and I was starting to boak. So Husband gallantly carried the pan outside to the bin, cleaned up the kitchen and got rid of the smell, obviously thinking that I had finally gone mental. And the whole time he was doing that, I sat in the corner, rocking and doing 'gentle moaning' and shaking. AND THEN, spent the rest of the night doing that thing when your spine shivers. At about half ten, I thought, 'that was a weird reaction' - and bought a pregnancy test. 

Toodle pip!


  1. Congratulations to you both. As we hadnt heard from you in ages I thought you must have something up your sleeve but it turns out it is up your jumper (if you get what I mean). Take it from me you are now officially allowed to be mad its to do with the hormones. Miss magpies Mum

    1. Aw thank you! We are very pleased. And I'm enjoying finally being mad, it makes me feel very free!

  2. Yay, well done you both. That's brilliant news. Really pleased for you. I had a similarly mental moment just before I'd discovered I was pregnant. We were in Portugal and there were fireworks and I cried. Not a normal reaction to fireworks on reflection. Anyway, love your quilt. Fabulous colours. Gad you're back. Xx

  3. Ooh congratulations! Eeek, so excited for you (can you tell?)

    Missed you and wondered what was going on ... Now I know!

    Take care,

    Love Claire xx