Wednesday, 5 September 2012

And TIME..goes by... so SLOWELEEY...and TIME...can do SO-O-O MUCH

Lads! It's been ages! How have you been?

I've been and that is the truth. Lots of changes going on in Bumbaleerie Mansions, too many to list old chums. But, I love a good ol' list so let's just do it anyhoo:

1. The STAMP CANVAS is DONE! Yes, the great stamp artwork of 2014 is finished two whole years early. How'z THAT for organisation? Here's a picture of same:

 Close up:

 And the grand unveiling (complete with Honoured Guest)

It is currently leaning against the wall that it will eventually be hung upon, as soon as Husband's drill is 'fixed' (it was fixed ages ago, he thinks I don't know. Nag nag nag).

Anyhoo, that's the canvas finito. It took a billion years to do, I had to neatly trim all the stamps before gluing them really carefully in position. It took a lot of patience (wine) and calm meditation (more wine) and actually, it became quite therapeutic (false, it was a pain in the bumbaleerie, but once I'd started I felt I had to see it to the end)

2. I made a lot of quilts, one to sell and one as a present. The selling one:

                                                   (Notice the sinister presence of the iron)

and the present, for my cousin's daughter:

I love Michael Miller fabric, it is the BAWZ.

3. My sister got me the Paul Hollywood baking book for my birthday and I made the basic bread recipe and it was amazingly easy and deli-licious. So I can add 'bread making' to my list of ...em...listing. I did have a picture but I have accidentally deleted it, so just use your imagination to think of 'a loaf of bread'. Tasty lookin' isn't it?

Ok, that's only three things that've been happening so didn't really warrant a list. Oct well.


  1. Wow. The stamp canvas looks really impressive. Have you been saving stamps all your life to make it? I mean, that's a heckuva lot of mail!

    1. Ha ha, no I have been collecting them for a while though and just about everyone I know was keeping them for me!x

  2. Stamps look amazeballs, the quilts are fabulosa and the writing is (as usual) sublime: you are one clever lady! When you coming through to Edders so I can congratulate you with a cup of tea in my new pad? xx