Thursday, 10 May 2012

What I talk about when I talk about making

Granny Matchy (not her real name) has her quilt! And what a dodgy quilt it was too. But I think she was pleased, even though it was so OBVIOUSLY handmade, as opposed to charmingly so. She wasn't so pleased when I gave her the invoice for the five (FIVE) needles that HER quilt had wasted, but that's another story (and also, not a true one.)

And THEN, my friend gave birth to the most beautiful baby in the entire universe so I made her a quilt too. Here is a rubbish picture of it:

It's such a rubbish picture of the quilt I was actually most proud of. It's Cloud9 and Rachel Riley fabrics, bits of it, and I really, really liked it. I wanted to keep it but husband put his foot down with a firm hand and I gave it over. And I was glad I did because I think my friend liked it.  Or else, it's doing a good job of lining her bin so win/win! AND another friend asked me to make one for her nephew so I got all the fabric ordered and now I'm in the horrors waiting for it to get here in case it is minging and un-matching and too baby-ish. It's no fun, this quilting lark.

AND THEN, I went charity shopping, after being spurred on by Loo at Jumbles and Pompoms, and got a fantastic-shmantastic pile of junk. First, an Accessorize clutch for £2.50:

Unt a pile of fabric-y type things:

Oh, nice! And I can't remember where I saw it, but I saw a picture recently of a patchwork blanket but the patches were all knitted. And I thought to myself:

Me: Eilidhbelle?
Other Me: Yes? What is it? I'm busy.
Me: Oh sorry. Sorry to interrupt. I was just thinking, that'd be a good use for the wool-pile.
Other Me: What wool pile?
Me: THIS one:

Other Me: I can put my hand on my heart and SWEAR I've never seen this wool-pile before.
Me: Husband can't hear us.
Other Me: Oh, yes. Of course. Good idea, Me! What a good team we are.

That isn't even all of the wool-pile, sadly. Here's some more:

And that's not all but I couldn't get a good picture of the rest of it. But you know how sometimes you have a fierce need to buy ALL THE THINGS related to your new hobby? And then you get them but you don't want to use them because then you wouldn't have them any more? And then you get a new hobby? And then you have to have a special sewing room to house all your crap? And then your husband makes you tidy it up, even though you hate tidy things? It's RUDE is what it is.

Right now I am waiting for four wonderful parcels to come in the post. I will be blogging about them when they arrive, but I'm not telling what they are so that when I write about them, you'll be like: That is quite literally the best thing(s) I have even seen in my LIFE! If I had ordered that(those) I would never let it(them) out of my sight! I wish with my whole soul I had that(those) item(s). Tell me, where does one purchase that(those) purchase(s)? And I'll be all: Here's where to get it(some). And you'll be like: You spent (insert insane number of Scottish bucks here) on THAT(those)?!?! Are you MENTAL?!

And I'll be all: Helz yez, I did!


  1. Hi Eilidhbelle (what an amazing name. Not sure how to say it. Is it a bit like Isabel??). OMG, you were spurred on by little old me. That's hilarious. I love it!

    I also love your quilt. It's very pretty.

    Envious of your wool pile. That's a huge amount of wool. I'm actually knitting a patchwork blankie at the moment only it's very slooooow going.

    Excited to hear about your parcels. V. excited!

    Have a fabulous weekend. xx

    1. Hi! My name is Eilidh, pronounced like Hailey but without the 'H'. Eilidhbelle is a nickname that I am rather fond of. I was VERY spurred on by you! I'd be going charity-shopping this weekend too, but I have to work. Doooom!

      Can't wait to see your blanket. I know, knitting is very, very slow which is rubbish for me because I have the attention span of a three-year old. That's why I like quilting, because it's so FAST! But I really do have to get stuck in to that ginormous heap of wool.

      Have a lovely weekend!