Sunday, 11 March 2012

A day of doing

Today has been a really lovely day in the Bumbaleerie crib. I've done lots of good things today. First the boring ones:
1. Brushed, hoovered and washed the kitchen floor
2. Washed the back step
3. Washed a lot of clothes
4. Hung up a lot of clothes (I don't iron. I actually can't do it. When I have to iron fabric for quilting I could weep)
5. Made dinner (chilli), and shared a beer with Mr. Bumbaleerie. Here's a picture of after-dinner:
Yum yum. Now some less boring things:

1. I have almost finished secret quilt. The stitching is well dodgy but I'm a firm believer that home-made things should look a bit dodgy, otherwise you may as well buy them. I sent a picture of the dodgy quilting to my sister and she says just to leave it. And she'd know, she's a scientist and likes everything PERFECT. So her word is good enough for me.
2. I organised my fabric pile, which had been sitting on the table pictured above for the thick-end of a fortnight. I wish that was an exaggeration, but it's not.
3. I finished a tea cosy, which was supposed to be going on ebay, but I don't think it's up to scratch. It needs to be bigger, maybe.
4. I drank a bottle of diet coke. Now! I know that doesn't sound like much but I've been trying to collect the empties to make something.
Any ideas? I'm thinking I might just fill them with water and a bit of food colouring, then put flowers in them. If I ever get round to doing that, I'll post a picture.

And now! I have to start the weekly fight with my eyebrows, to train them into something half-decent for work tomorrow. I might paint my nails too...oct. I can't be bothered. You have to sit for ages and AGES and when you normally spend your evenings divving about with wool as I do, it's a challenge to sit for AGES without doing anything.

Happy Sunday all, and I hope your Monday isn't too grim.

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