Wednesday, 14 March 2012

I have eaten too much

Tonight for dinner I made Jamie Oliver's chicken satays from the 30 Minute Meals cookbook, which, by the way, I would totally recommend. Everything I have made from it is lovely:
Yum yum. I'm too full now though, and keep catching sight of my stomach and getting a fright. Oct well.And today was the first time I thought, I may well have an addiction to buying fabric:
oh, but it's so lovely! It is going to turn into secret quilt number two, since I changed my mind about the original secret-fabric-for-secret-quilt-number-two.

Right! My to do list! Well, I ate breakfast every day apart from Friday, when I really couldn't face it. I didn't take all my library books back. I didn't finish secret quilt number one, although I would've done if I hadn't run out of fabric. It's NEARLY finished. Em, I can't remember what else was on my list. I didn't start secret quilt number two, for reasons outlined above. So! My new to-do list:

1. Finish stupid secret quilt number one
2. Take back my stupid library books
3. Eat breakfast every day
4. Phone that woman I have to phone at stupid work.
5. Finish the two (TWO!) tea cosies I started
6. Get good at making coasters ( I think that was on my original list, actually)

Onwards and upwards, old beans!

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