Saturday, 3 March 2012

Aaah, Saturday!

Is there anything nicer than Saturday in Scotland?
Nope! So I got up, had my porridge and started knitting:

and then realised I'd made a mistake. So went in a huff. Then ripped it back:
and then left it in peace. I had a notion to start crocheting a blanket - I've done one before but it's rubbish. So I bought this wool:
and I'm going to make granny squares. Sortofa....square a day idea. I'll keep you posted hahaha! Also, here's some homemade dodgy bunting:
It's very difficult when you want to be good at something but are not. Ah well, practice, practice! Now I am off vistin' the parents for some spoiling. Toodle pip!

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