Monday, 19 March 2012


Oh, stupid Mondays! But it is over now, and that's something we can all be thankful for. I'm not really capable of writing in sentences tonight so here's a transcript:

Me: Right. Tonight I will not be wasting the time.

Husband: Right.

Me: No. The time for time wasting has passed.

Husband: Ok then.

Me: So tonight, the only night I have free this week, I will be a) tidying out my handbag
b) finishing at least one tea cosy c) updating the blog d) making dinner....

Husband: *hopefully* Can we have McDonalds for dinner?

Me:  No. e) planning what we're doing with the front garden f)...

Husband: *interrupting again* what's for dinner?

Me: Stir-fry

Husband: *makes sick noises*

Me: *furiously glares through narrowed eyes*

Husband: *pauses*

Husband: *slopes off to the living room to hide behind the couch*

Me: *dinner making noises*

 Husband and I eat dinner in silence.

Me: *knitting noises*

Husband: Do you want me to iron your work stuff?

Me: *remembering how much I hate ironing and resolving to love the husband no matter what so long as he keeps ironing my work stuff so I don't have to* YES!

Me: *beams at husband*

Me: *wastes time all evening, not finishing any of the things but starting lots of the new things* 

I am considering this evening time well spent. 

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