Thursday, 8 March 2012

The day of the fruit loops

Today, everyone I have spoken to has been a total fruit loop. But then I came home, so that was nice. Tonight has been my first evening in my house for ages and let me tell you.... I have enjoyed it. Have you been watching Prisoners' Wives?  I just loved it, especially Iain Glen - which my husband was thrilled about. But he is really foxy. Anyway.

Here are some things I really like. First, 'Doreen' by Frank Zappa, which I am listening to right now. Next, something I look at every day:
Cushions I made from Michael Miller fabric that I just LOVED, one of those fabrics that's too nice to cut. Some new knitting:

using the wool that I will no longer be using for the granny square blanket. Knitting with three strands! I live life on the edge. Here are the dodgy squares I wrote about before:
Not good. Also, here is a picture of the stupid cat:
I'm not really an animal person but he's so happy and contented it's hard not to like him. I scratched his head when I passed him earlier and he's STILL PURRING. Happy as Larry, whoever Larry is.

And I think the tadpoles are doing ok. They are still in their frogspawn and I can't get a good picture of them. I think they'll be more photogenic when they...hatch? I dunno, 'eat their way out of their mucus sac' doesn't sound as nice, somehow. But they seem happy enough. Not as happy as the cat obviously, but I don't think anything has ever been as happy as that cat.

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